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Bottom line: We know how to put on a show. And we do it meticulously, paying exacting attention to every detail. Our goal is to capture your organization’s individuality and package your message accordingly, so that it not only informs, it inspires. We create multimedia that dazzles. We find and book speakers, entertainers and celebrities with finesse and broad appeal. Simply put, we make sure everything works flawlessly and then we check it again. And we can do it all anywhere in the world. What’s more, we care about this planet, so we tread with a soft carbon footprint.

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  • Business Meetings

    Getting people in a room is easy. The hard part is getting them to do what you want after they leave. From sales conferences and employee meetings to product launches and customer events, the goal of most business gatherings is to spur the audience into action. We design and produce events that get minds thinking and hearts pounding. Most of all, we sweat the details so you get 100% inspiration and zero perspiration.
  • C-level Leadership Summits

    Put enough brains in one room and there’s no telling how much you can accomplish. When you want to gather executives for a thought-leadership conference or host a symposium of industry heavyweights, we can develop the theme, select the best panel participants, fine-tune the topics for discussion, and manage the event to help you get the brightest ideas.
  • Product Launches

    You pour everything you’ve got into developing your product. So who has any energy left to launch it? We do. We don’t just produce events; we create business theater—dramatic moments that highlight your leaders and products in front of investors, press, and key customers. Whether you launch with a major on-location gathering, a far-reaching virtual event, or a combined delivery in person and online, you can count on our production design to command attention and our technical know-how to deliver a flawless experience.
  • Sales Meetings & Kickoffs

    A wave of enthusiasm. A rallying cry and a frenzy of cheers. A spark that lights a fire in every heart in the room. Inspiration comes in many forms and we’ve elicited them all. Our years of experience help us zero in on the right tone to motivate your team and energize sales.
  • Employee Meetings

    Companies are like families. Your employee meeting is the reunion that brings everyone together in perfect harmony—or, if mishandled, sets off squabbling and resentment that lasts for months. We help you deliver a polished presentation that instills employee confidence, but not so extravagant that they wonder how much it cost and why that money isn’t in their paychecks instead. We keep it simple, yet perfectly professional in every way.
  • Special Events

    With fundraising events, it’s all about balance. How do you put on a top-notch show without spending so much the audience thinks you’re being frivolous with their donations? The short answer: hire us. For benefits, award shows, and any other kind of special event, we can help you select the right entertainment, stage the perfect setting, and add the appropriate touches to enhance your organization’s reputation and meet your goals.
  • International

    “Hola.” “Merci.” “Wo ist die Laderampe?” It takes more than a few useful phrases to put on a successful show in another country. We’ve been producing international events for years, from Acapulco to Paris, Dubai, and beyond. Our knowledge of foreign technical requirements and our ability to work within different cultures help us get what we need without getting slapped! We make sure we have the right people to handle all of the logistics, so your brand is presented exactly as you want it to be—with nothing lost in translation.
  • Talent & Speakers

    There’s no denying the star power of celebrities. Big-name entertainers and speakers can turn your event into a rousing success. But often the bigger the name, the bigger the headaches—if you’re not prepared. We’ve had the privilege of producing events involving some of the biggest acts in the world. So we know how to land high-caliber talent and keep them happy. Translation: We’re experts at diva diplomacy, the fine art of keeping your talent and your budget happy at the same time.
  • Webcast Events

    It’s only a webcast. What can go wrong?
    Plenty! And most of it’s technical. The potential for webcasts to have hiccups, dropped connections or some other glitch is pretty high. Since we’re the masters of detail, we don’t have just one backup, we have two. Or more. Simply put; nothing’s left to chance.
    Our techies call it “system reliability”. We have a robust system infrastructure and two-way bandwidth management that is second to none. And we use duplicate physical setups employing different technologies as a contingency plan.
    Using multiple internet connections from different services or providers, is the extra layer of protection to ensure that nothing goes wrong when we’re in charge of your webcast.
    When you couple our obsession with detail with our creative flair and finesse, you’ve got webcasts that keep ‘em on the edge of their seats.
  • Video Production & Media

    In any video, film or digital media production, there’s the medium and the message. Both are critical to engaging your audience. Luckily, on our staff, we have both left brain and right brain thinkers ready to bring your story to life. First, we collaborate with you to conceptualize, write and produce captivating material. Then, our techies take over to deliver videos that create the perfect blend of power and emotion, punctuated with creativity and inspiration. Whatever form of media your event requires, we handle it smoothly and efficiently; so the only drama you experience is on the screen.