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room full of audience How music ignites emotions in different types of audiences

One of the key components in using music strategically is demographic appeal. In fact, next to theme and purpose, this can be the single most important parameter on which to base your selections. It’s yet another way you need to know your audience.

Think about the music you relate to most. It’s probably the same music you listened to in high school. Those artists, songs, and lyrics are imprinted on your brain, providing an emotional link to the music. So, age is one demographic to consider when you’re “scoring” your event. Other demographics include gender, race, geography (domestic and globally), social strata, and so on.

If we’re producing an event for a group of young sales women, we know they’ll respond to electronic dance music and top forty. If our audience is predominantly older C-suite males, we know that type of music will not only not inspire them, it will have the opposite effect. Can country music work in New York? Hip hop for a global sales rally? Of course, provided the purpose and branding of the event ties in.

When we’re producing a marketing activation event for the public, the audience can vary widely, so we let the product or service drive the music. Of course, the demographic draw at an outdoor public event can be narrow or wide, so we have to take that into consideration as well.

It’s important to realize there are no hard and fast rules, only guidelines. What’s more important, is that you give it serious consideration and make the right choices based on your demographic goals. There’s a reason Ford and Chevy use a lot of country music in their commercials. All I’m saying is, music selection is no accident. It’s designed, carefully chosen, and as I said last week, carefully sequenced, too.



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