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two people in the DJ booth Virtual Event Production: Content Ideas & Strategy

Let us help you figure out how to do a virtual event by sharing some of our virtual event best practices.

Virtual Event Content Strategy

Producing a virtual event (a sales meeting, employee meeting, etc.) is essentially the same as producing a live face-to-face event in terms of the content. However, the packaging, timing and flow, and access platform for your remote audience to engage with is quite different.  The usual “live business theatre” benefits of dramatic lighting and sound, huge video screens ablaze with color and optical action, and other exciting theatrical devices are greatly diluted in the virtual event production context, if not absent altogether.  You must create energy, excitement and engagement for your remote audience with different tools, regardless of what types of virtual events you are hosting or producing.

The most challenging aspect of producing a virtual event is remembering that you must constantly reach out to pull the remote audience member in; bring them to the edge of their seat to engage with you and your content. Do this early on and repeatedly!

A few guidelines to note for virtual content:

  • Keep content shorter; what may have been a 30-minute speech in an in-person event should be condensed to a 10-15 minute speech for a virtual event. People’s attention spans are shorter in desktop viewing mode.
  • Provide variety as often as possible so people are not lulled to sleep with the sameness of things while looking at their laptops.  Occasional visual changes to the screen content and backgrounds and the Presenter’s environment help to keep the audience engaged.
  • Generate surprise at key moments to pull viewers to the edge of their seat to engage their attention.
  • Maintain constant eye contact with the remote audience.  This is the most important thing to consider in virtual events. It is crucial that the presenter’s eyeballs do not move around to glance at notes or a teleprompter screen.  The best way to establish a strong rapport with your remote audience is to remain laser-focused on them through your gaze.

Content Ideas For Virtual Events

Trivia Quizzes – During your presentations, it’s a good idea to have short trivia quizzes and offer other amusing facts about your company or industry. Provide some laughs. Pepper these fun moments throughout the agenda – between speakers awards or coming back from short breaks.

Polls – Take the pulse of your audience by polling them.  Ask questions that stimulate their interest and contribute to their knowledge of the topic at hand.  Allow people to answer multiple choice questions of various sorts – the fun and the serious. It keeps people engaged and feeling like they are participating in the event instead of being simply spoken to.  The added energy and surprise of the quizzes will benefit your audience experience enormously.

Live Q&A – Chances are your attendees will have questions regarding the content. Providing a Q&A session increases engagement helps your audience feel more connected to the content.  Depending on the particular event or subject, questions can be informational, and help attendees learn more about the company or mission. Questions can also be fun, designed to lighten the mood and help your attendees feel comfortable and connected to the company.

Next Steps

Whether they’re salespeople, developers, dignitaries or executives, the people who attend your event should leave transformed in some way. That’s where we come in.

With us as your event production team, you’ll show them things they’ve never seen before. Surprise and amaze them. Make them sit up and take notice. And deliver ooo’s and ahh’s that aren’t just there for effect; they’re there to make your message stick in the minds of your audience.

We’re confident we can help you make it happen because we’ve been producing events for decades. That’s why clients ask us back time and again. So talk to us about your next big conference, product launch, sales meeting and any other event you have in mind, and we will take the guesswork out of “how to host a virtual event?”



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