Thoughts on creating events that exhilarate

girl looking over her shoulder Why event planning is like a little black dress

Every woman knows she can’t go wrong in choosing to wear the classic black cocktail dress and a string of pearls on most evening occasions. So, why does she still deliberate when it comes to choosing the classics over the latest Vera Wang design?

Probably for the same reasons the event industry finds many occasions to question the choice of employing the latest event trend or the more common methods of engaging an audience. The constant emergence of new event technology trends and choices can cause one’s head to spin. Event production professionals stay on top of these new technologies, not just because they can benefit the audience, yet also because they’re fascinating and often quite exciting.

It’s time consuming yet worth it. Every so often, such an advance or trend provides us with a powerful way to communicate with and have impact on our audiences, whatever their make-up. Combining the latest event technologies; in lighting, projection, staging, sound, audience response, etc. with classic tools and approaches, enable us to present business event audiences with meetings and events that live on in the attendee’s mind for a long time: experiences that stick in their memory and that inform and change behavior.

Event planners need to be absolutely certain they know their audience demographic and messaging, yet are also aware of new advances to ensure their event will transform and live on. Incorporating new technologies comes at a cost. You need to understand value and budget wisely allowing for options and contingencies; being knowledgeable and creative isn’t enough.

In the final analysis, your audience and event objectives drive the technological advances to be implemented. Don’t include the latest trend or newest technology just because it’s different. Over-the-top productions may overwhelm your audience and overshadow the information being presented. Sometimes the simple and classic approach is the right one. But if a new method is called for, be sure you know about it and budget accordingly.

Events have the power to transform audiences, particularly when you blend classic, tried and true technologies and stagecraft with the latest production trends that add that extra special connection. It’s less about choosing one or the other, and more about the creative and intelligent use of both. In other words, a simple black cocktail dress – accessorized with something new and exciting – is the perfect choice!



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