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two guests on stage Corporate Events: Definition, Types, and Production

It’s typically this time of year when companies are all on high gear, planning and marking out the many corporate events on their calendars. Be it a product launch, annual conference, trade show, or company party, there is a deliberate effort to make sure each one is a unique and amazing experience by itself.

An average company may think, why bother to pay that much attention to the ideas and activities for corporate events?  To be in league with industry leaders, you want to be intentional about the things that matter — one of which is knowing the value that different types of corporate events bring to the table. Here are several worthwhile tips that highlight the value of these events.

Corporate Events Defined


Corporate events are internal or external events that are organized by companies to meet specific objectives. These can run the gamut from intimate dinner affairs of twenty people to large corporate shows with high production value. How each one is designed and set up depends on the type of event, and there are quite a number of them.

Types of Corporate Events

1. Product Launches

A product launch introduces the latest company products to its employees, customers, partners, stakeholders, and to the media. Like any introduction, product launches must make a great first impression. Therefore, marketing and event departments should see to it that they clearly present the unique features and benefits of the products. At the end of the day, the product launch should rouse all attendees to action, either to buy, sell, or talk about the products and get these flying off the shelves in no time.

2. Shareholders’ Meetings

At the required annual meeting, shareholders gather to listen to the CEO and other executives present the high points of its annual report. The main goal is to assure investors of the company’s performance. The event also allows a company to share and secure the buy-in of its strategic goals and future plans. The most important role of the event production company is to provide impeccable audio, lighting, video projection, and a simple, professional stage environment that fosters a solid impression of the corporation without ever overwhelming the serious business messages being delivered. Shareholders want to get a sense of fiscal responsibility from the corporation within a very professional presentation.

3. Leadership Summits

A leadership summit is a corporate purpose-driven event where high-level leaders come together to leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities. Here, leaders discuss issues and opportunities to arrive at solutions and strategies going forward. Leadership summits can be of two varieties:  a) to gather leaders from one organization for internal corporate strategizing, or b) include C-Suite Executives from many other companies to share expertise and strategy.   Leadership Summits can be powerful business catalysts due to the amount of brainpower and influence that these elite attendees possess.

4. Sales Meetings & Kick-Offs

Sales meetings aim to boost team morale, train the sales organization, drive excitement around new products and reward top sales achievers. Due to the critical role that salespeople play in every corporation combined with the typically high-energy personalities of most salespeople, sales meetings tend to be adrenaline-fueled, highly entertaining events.  The role of the event production company is especially valuable in bringing all this energy to life. The sales meeting typically pulls out all the creative stops to make the corporation, its products, and its future appear fantastically exciting and bright. Salespeople want to align themselves with successful organizations that inspire their greatest efforts. A well-produced sales meeting accomplishes just that.

5. Trade Expos or Shows

Trade expos are a great way to get exposed to potential customers. It is common to see multi-screen displays, strategic lighting, and many other interactive elements in these trade shows as companies try to outshine each other. Bringing highly creative and theatrical production values to your product presentations is crucial to attracting the greatest number of people — potential customers — to your tradeshow booth.

Corporate Event Production

With the million and one details that you need to pay attention to in planning a corporate event, you will need more than just good intentions to execute the event perfectly. It takes passion, intelligence, artistry, and skill to pull it off exceptionally well.

A successful corporate event may require many, if not all, of the following elements: superb audiovisual skills, state-of-the-art lighting, video production, and intelligent stage design, the right presenters, talented performers, and the appropriate venue.

Yet, that’s not all there is to successful corporate event production. What happens backstage is just as important as what is seen on stage. The professional and dedicated crew whose expertise is to run the cameras, video screens,  sound, and lighting and the stage managers who cue the speakers and all stage action – each has a critical role in the success of the event.

Closing Remarks

Each corporate event serves a specific purpose that should be part and parcel of any corporate growth strategy. Thus, these events must be seen as occasions worth executing supremely well and not just mundane gatherings. Corporate event production is, therefore, indispensable for any company keen on staying ahead of the competition.

Be it a product launch, a leadership summit,  or an extravagant sales conference, you can trust the passionate and disciplined team at Carlstrom Productions to deliver your event objectives with maximum impact. Talk to us today!



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