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Fast Facts about Corporate Video Production

The screen of a video camera while recording

The already existing challenges of managing a corporate budget have been made more complex by the pandemic. Departments struggle to compete with each other for their fair share of the CAPEX by selling their agenda as top priorities. And yet, despite it being a financial crunch time for many companies, corporate video production continues to be on the rise, with finance heads and managing directors willing to allocate top dollar for professionally made corporate videos. Are the investments for this budget expenditure worth it, or should the cost of producing a corporate video be better allocated on activities with a more measurable impact on your ROI? Here’s the low-down on why corporate video production is a must-have for any company worth its salt.

What is corporate video production?

It’s a process.

Producing a corporate video, like any end-to-end process, involves a series of steps or actions with the participation of multiple players to achieve a specific result or objective. The process starts with the floating of corporate video ideas among the department leaders who determine the best and most relevant concept.

Once a budget is earmarked, the video production is commissioned to a department, a third-party agency, or a professional video production company to bring the video idea to life. With attention spans getting shorter by the nanosecond, a well-produced video can create content that is captivating enough to hold even the most wandering minds. As short as they may be, a single two-minute production requires the convergence of several creative minds, from the director to the producer, to the cameraman to the set designer, and so on. While it is possible to produce a video in-house for company events, this can take a toll on your already multi-tasking and overworked staff. Sure, corporate purse strings are tighter than ever, yet there are a few things that are better left in the hands of professionals.

DIY or go Pro?

While professional services may cost more than a DIY company project, many offer reasonable and customized packages. Some can even walk you through each step of the process to help you maximize resources. A self-produced video might save you some dollars but not in the long run, given the potential for it to miss some of the messaging marks and/or professional quality standards.

What are the benefits of corporate video production?

Illustrate company culture and values

orporate video production helps employees embrace a company’s value system and aspirations in an easygoing manner. When employees are on board and can fully understand the company’s cultural context and goals, they can then collaborate more effectively and efficiently across departments for higher productivity.

Highlight the company’s services and products

When company members are consistently updated on the latest developments on their products and services, they become more effective brand ambassadors. Producing a corporate video is a potent way to help employees be informed, understand, and eventually champion the company’s offerings to clients and to people within their circles of influence.

Reward excellence and loyalty

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it would be safe to say a video can express and evoke so much more. Highlighting an employee’s growth from the early days in a company to their current position of achievement and leadership is always an exciting story worth telling.  No material reward or token of achievement is as satisfying as when one is publicly acknowledged as being a highly valued employee through a corporate video. Well-appreciated employees are more motivated to do their best for a company that sees their worth and values their contribution.

Inspire the team with the company vision

Were you ever eager to listen to a CEO’s speech at a town hall gathering only to find your mind wandering just minutes later? If the speech alone isn’t compelling, enrolling employees in the company’s vision could be a herculean task. Nothing gets the entire team as excited about a company’s vision as much as a well-produced corporate video that effectively captures and conveys the driving passions and possibilities of the company.

Trending elements in corporate video production


It’s not surprising that popular brands like Coca-Cola and Ikea use cinemagraphs. A hybrid of a video and a still photo, a cinemagraph allows the beholder to see subtle movements in an otherwise static image. Cinemagraphs are used in email campaigns, websites, social media campaigns, among other brand efforts. In corporate video production, cinemagraphs elicit interest in otherwise dull graphs. All the better for memory retention.

Scripted Segments

A scripted, humorous segment (or skit) is a great way of incorporating fun and levity into a video presentation. Brief and informal, humorous videos can provide training and education that entertains and informs. What is learned with pleasure is learned in full measure, and skits are a sure-fire way of injecting delight into the otherwise staid corporate agenda.

Influencer partnerships

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, influencers are more relatable, are seen to be more credible, and seem to have less of a personal agenda. By utilizing effective influencers in producing your corporate videos, you can get your message across to much of your targeted audience. Not only do they enhance your horizontal reach, influencer partnerships also allow a deeper engagement with your audience who follow every milestone in the life of the influencers they trust.


Corporate video productions are indispensable to any successful communication strategy. They capture attention, work the brain cells for better understanding and retention, and make any event a pleasurable experience for everyone. Retaining the services of video production experts will ensure that you deliver a compelling video with maximum impact.

And maximum impact is what we’re all about. Whether you need help with your next annual conference, product launch, sales meeting, or any other corporate event, we can and will make it happen for you. So talk to us, and see the excellent results that only we can deliver, just for you.

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