Challenging cybersecurity geeks to chillax

At an annual international summit where vulnerability eliminators meet cybersecurity experts, we help give the world’s most accomplished worriers a carefree experience by bringing in A-list entertainers and compelling keynote speakers. We deliver talent worth lining up for—from former U.S. presidents to Saturday Night celebs—and keep everything and everyone moving smoothly. We know how to produce powerful conference components that ensure all attendees, from cybersecurity developers to black-hat-hacker whackers, get an unparalleled experience. That’s why this globally recognized security company has hired us to recommend, hire, and manage their keynote speakers and entertainment for more than 15 years.

What we offer

  • Proposals to match every budget. We negotiate talent contracts rigorously so you can focus on your top goals for the event without worrying about dollar signs.
  • The right star power. Twitter timelines will blow up when we book the perfect opener and memorable closer for your big event.
  • Dedication to a ‘t’. We put the ‘t’ in team to assist your production team, should you have one, with every stage of event production, so you know that the job gets done and everyone has fun.
man in black talking in front of the stage


Got a million ideas? Or none at all? No matter, because the real genius is in our collaboration. So let’s create something astonishing together. Leave a message here or call us now at (866) 984-8766.

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