Obstacles, what obstacles?

Sometimes a client wants an event that at first blush seems inconceivable. With over 30 years of experience, nothing is impossible for our team. We were asked to produce an exotic experience in the Caribbean with all the bells and whistles: food, beverages, cocktails, dancing and a live band. The only hitch was that the client wanted a large party on a small sand spit only accessible by boat. So we worked with them to build a stage on pilings over a placid lagoon, with lights, musicians, dinner—the whole enchilada. Needless to say, everyone loved this solution.

What we offer

  • Innovation in design and production. We look at everything from a different angle and offer the engineering, creativity and passion to produce extraordinary affairs.
  • Safety first. You’ll find us big on innovation but also expert when it comes to keeping our clients protected. Count on us to assess risk and build in safeguards. The results are spectacular.
  • Loads of experience. We’ve literally been there, done that, with decades of expertise gleaned from producing thousands of events like clockwork. We’ll find ways to make your best ideas happen.
two girls doing acrobats


Got a million ideas? Or none at all? No matter, because the real genius is in our collaboration. So let’s create something astonishing together. Leave a message here or call us now at (866) 984-8766.

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