Humanizing execs while making the message the hero

A great way to wow an audience at an event is to fill it with surprises and delights—not least of which is showing the fun-loving side of senior executives. Whether we’re working with a client for the first time or the 10th time, we find ways to ensure the execs shine in their best light and get to laugh along with the audience. With everything from the CEO portraying cinematic heroes to a dog-loving exec getting “pup-staged” by a canine, we’re always eager to help our clients showcase their executives’ personalities in entertaining and humanizing ways. This gives their messages extra punch and long-lasting impact on the audience.

What we offer

  • Make execs the heroes. When executives are willing to go beyond the roles that people perceive them as—by, say, putting on a costume, zip-lining onto the stage, or doing a stunt that looks a little dangerous—audiences appreciate and better absorb the messages that go with it
  • Run with an idea. When the client wanted The Wizard of Oz as a theme for one of the executive presentations, we were ready to go with the metaphor for the courage, brains, and heart it takes to run their company. From on-stage pyrotechnics to a behind-the-scenes wizard’s box with where the “sales wizard” pulled the levers, we brought their concept to life with layer upon layer of unexpected theater that put the spotlight on the senior team.
  • Perfect pranks for each personality. We pick surprises that showcase each executive in their best light. For example, when it was revealed to us that one senior officer is a dog lover, we surprised him and the audience by having a trained dog come walk out to him during his presentation. It got “awws” from the audience and gave him a chance to shine as he laughed along. Small things like this are always big hits and they make the execs relatable.
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