Getting down to business

Live webcasting for analyst meetings or employee All-Hands meetings may look easy yet it’s actually complex. For these events, we skip the glitz and focus on reliability, simplicity, crystal-clear messaging, flawless audio and video quality and seamless connectivity. Usually the content is highly confidential so we work hand-in-hand with a webcast provider that can guarantee a secure network. Although we’re producing a live event, we design for the webcast audience first and foremost so everyone’s engaged and on the same page. Straight-up facts presented with dexterity and total reliability.

What we offer

  • Behind the scenes mastery. It takes precision producing to make sure an employee in Seoul is seeing the same slide as one in Silicon Valley. We pull that off with scrupulous planning and rigorous storyboarding to ensure in-sync production.
  • On point. The intent is to produce a meeting (even when they’re an all-day broadcast) that is engaging and professional without being splashy or excessive. We do that by providing technical perfection backstage and meticulous camerawork at the live venue.
  • Video excellence. Often a client requests that we package videos post-webcast that convey specialized information for internal purposes or for their YouTube channel. Our post-production team can assemble myriad video narratives after the event so you get more than a one-off webcast.
camera recording men on stage


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